12″ (30 cm. ) Latex Mini Loop Band


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Xenios USA Latex Mini Loop Band
The bodyweight workout with elastic bands is perfect for getting a better perception of your body and improving many aspects of your training performance. The Latex Mini Loop Band are the essential tools that can improve the quality of your WODs. That’s why Xenios USA has selected these loop bands among the best Fitness equipment on the Online Shop. The Xenios USA attitude and accuracy in the cross training and functional training sectors also benefit the world of fitness.

• (30cm length) Latex Mini Loop Band Yellow – Light – 5cm (2″) width – 0.5mm thickness
• (30cm length) Latex Mini Loop Band Green – Medium – 5cm (2″) width – 0.7mm thickness

Dimensions 30 × 2.5 × 0.1 cm

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