Agility Cone w/ Hurdle Bar holes – 30 cm.


45.00 KWD

Agility and speed workouts are thought for your legs, core and all the connective tissues. A training focused on these key points enhances your performancese minimizing injuries. The Agility Cones with hurdle bar holes simulate a hypothetical sporting situation with a continuous change of direction where a low centre of gravity is required. Agility cones feature bar holes to insert an hurdle bar.
This Agility Cones with 30cm height hurdle bar holes come out in different colors. Please refer to product chart to choose those that suit you best. From rugby players to soccer players passing through football players and runners,  this kind of training is useful for all of them.

Kit includes 24 Agility Cones with hurdle bar holes.

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 150 cm



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