A/T Mobility Roller


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The practicality of the Xenios USA Mobility Roll

Performing mobility exercises with the Xenios USA Mobility Roll plays a fundamental role in improving your performance. We give you some good reasons to add this roll to your WODs: • its pattern ensures a deep muscle relief;
• the high-density covering dissolves any muscle rigidity and mobilizes the soring muscle
• the different shape tiles benefit the blood flow and its supply of essential nutrients for muscles;
• is perfect for professional and non-professional athletes.

The mobility exercises with the Mobility Roll simulate a professional massage that re-oxygenates and reactivates muscles. There is no better treatment than a physical support to your circulation that allows the regeneration of muscles. Non-professional and professional athletes’ use of the Mobility Roll is an essential accessory to face every workout by pushing their limits and recovering quickly.

• its design pattern offers an activating massage, specific for muscle fibers and circulation;
• the high-density polyurethane coating and a polyethylene core provides an effective massage, even for massive muscle structures;
• an attractive design, and available in different colors, will ease the training phase for mobility and stretching.

Gear specs
Internal diameter: 10cm
External diameter: 12cm (without the external tiles) – 14cm (with tiles)
Length: 33cm

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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