**Black Full Rubber Hex. Dumbell


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The Full-Rubber HEX Dumbbell is developed in order to go a step ahead compare with any other kind of Dumbbell on the market. First, they are not made of weak cast iron: they are made of steel, forged as one-only pieces in to a mold. Then, they are not made by assembling the handle in to the weight ends: so no free-parts with the risk of breakages and weight-ends drop while in use.

A one-piece steel construction makes this workout tool also suitable to be drop on the floor without having the risk to see Dumbbells’ handles broken.
The above said steel construction is then rubber coated by using a no-smell blend. This item is rubber coated, including the handle. A Rubber coated handle is the ultimate solution to have a perfect and thicker grip, to limit the use of chalk, to avoid, totally, typical chromed handle flakes and rust. The rubber coated handle is of course shaped to be ergonomic and so to provide a comfortable grip.

The high-end kind of rubber blend used to coat each Dumbbell, features a very easy to clean surface and a really long-term durability.Use them to train yourself full body with floor press, Single-Arm Snatch, Russian Dumbbell Swing, Dumbbell Hang Clean and Press and many others.

Tolerance: ± 2% (of the declared weight).

Attention: all weights are sold as a pair.

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