Black Training Viking Hammer


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The Viking Hammer is the perfect training tool to perform one of the most intense workouts ever faced. If you want to accept the challenge, get ready to train with the Xenios USA Black Training Viking Hammer by testing your strength, coordination and balance.
You can perform this training with the training hammer’s rotation movements and face the strength of its strokes. These exercises are typical of the Viking Hammer performance, and they involve the core and the whole upper body muscles chain, including the stabilizer muscles. This training builds your grip’s strength. Your hands must be firmly on the handle of this training tool!

The Xenios USA Black Training Viking Hammer design optimizes your functional training sessions with the hammer. The Xenios USA research and development department created this hammer with an empty handle. Contrarily to what you might think, this feature allows you to take advantage of the weight lever at the end of the hammer. The Viking Hammer handle boasts a knurling, which is similar to the bars’ one. The Xenios USA knurling is designed to be easy to clean from any chalk residue. It is not sharp, so you can use it without gloves.

The Viking Hammer is entirely made of powder-coated steel, in order to bear the strength of the shots during each training.

Weight | Total length (cm) | Handle length (cm) | Handle diameter (mm) | Hammer weight dimensions (cm)

4 Kg | 75.5 cm | 70 cm | 30.2 mm | 5x5x15 cm
6 Kg | 78 cm | 70 cm | 30.2 mm | 6x6x18.5 cm
8 Kg | 100.5 cm | 93.5 cm | 40.2 mm | 6.5×6.5×19.5 cm

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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