Brushed Bumper Plate/Pair


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Bumper Brushed discs by Xenios USA

Who said bumpers can’t express a unique style? Bumper discs are part of every athlete’s daily life. Lovers of crosstraining and life in the Box, in fact, have a special relationship with their training equipment. During each session, they struggle together to achieve ever more extreme performances.
Xenios USA knows this feeling perfectly, which is why the R&D department pays extreme attention to the design of each new equipment: it is not simply a question of finding the best materials to withstand the hardest WODs over time, but it is also important to take care of the details that impact. on motivation the attitude of those who train.

THEBumper Brushed discs by Xenios USA represent an evolution of the design of training discs . Their characteristic brushed coloring is not just an aesthetic quirk as it comes from a special processing of the rubber they are made of. The aesthetic design is filed by Xenios USA to offer a unique aesthetic style to your workouts. Discover the features of these exclusive bumper discs.

Features of Xenios USA Bumper Brushed Discs

The technical specifications of the Bumper Brushed Discs follow the rigorous standards of all bumpers designed by Xenios USA, offering athletes using them an iconic design.

– Proprietary design : the special manufacturing process of the Brushed Discs involves the rubber graft of a different color compared to the classic base (black) of the disc. Each weight has its own characteristic “brushed” color.
– Resistance : even the Bumper Brushed Discs  have been tested with 50,000 drop tests without breaking.
– Diameter : 450 mm
– Central hole diameter: 50.4 mm (IWF standards)
– Thickness: 28 mm (5 kg), 46 mm (10 kg), 60 mm (15 kg), 70 mm (20 kg), 80 mm (25 kg)
–  Tolerance: ± 2% (of the declared weight)


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