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The Core Trainer is a steel accessory with a Hard-Chromed finishing, and it is designed to host your Olympic bar to start a total-body workout with minimal equipment. Once fixed, the Core Trainer will be at the heart of your personal training zone on a 360º horizontal axis. You can start a challenging training session by inserting the barbell in the Core Trainer.

Changing the bar’s length to perform with the Core Trainer, you can vary the intensity of the lever to impact the workout’s difficulty. Also, by loading the bar with weight/plates, you can build the core’s strength and power.
The Core Trainer’s internal diameter ranges from 50 to 50.5 mm in order to be perfect for working with Olympic bars’ sleeves, or rather with an external diameter of 49.8 mm (2″).

Core Trainer with Rig
Among XRIG™ series of accessories by Xenios USA, you can find the Core Trainer Fulcrum, which is a support that you can fix to the base of any of the Rig Upright. This tool performs as a fulcrum for the Core Trainer. All you have to do is choose the right WOD for your core.

Core Trainer without Rig
The Core Trainer without Rig is suitable for smaller training zones, such as a home gym. The absence of Rigs is not a limit for the Core Trainer because you can use a bumper as an anchoring point (the higher the height and the bumper’s weight, the higher the level of stability). Set the Core Trainer into a bumper, insert your bar and start training. This is a minimal and highly effective training style!

The Core Trainer meets the Xenios USA product design and construction standards.

– Design: the Core Trainer allows you to train in a 360º horizontal plan due to its mechanical joint design.

– Material: the Core Trainer is made of Hard-Chromed finished steel, which provides maximum durability and resistance, even to the most challenging workouts. The Core Trainer is provided with the Xenios USA logo laser engraving.


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