Dipping Belt w/ chain – Max Load 100 Kg.


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The Dipping Belt is the essential accessory to raise the level of your functional training sessions. Thanks to this belt, you can add a heavy overload while performing exercises such as pull-up, dip, squat…

The triple layer of Nylon Cordura 1000D. In addition, the neoprene padding of the inner section of the belt allows you to achieve maximum comfort and protection for the lumbar area. This is also due to the ability of this one-size belt to wrapping the torso as weight increases. In fact, neoprene softens the pressure and rubbing effect of the Dipping Belt as the load increases seriously! The Dipping Belt is equipped with a small-sized galvanized rust-proof steel chain – closed with a heavy-duty steel carabiner – which can pass through the plate’s central hole (used as an overload). The chain’s length allows working out with Bumper plates with a central hole diameter of 45 cm.

High workload resistance (100 Kg): Three layers of Nylon Cordura 1000D make the Xenios USA Dipping Belt bear the most challenging loads.

Extreme comfort: even during the most challenging exercises, the comfort factor is essential to focus on perfect execution. The Neoprene lining provides additional protection against cuts, scratches and the action of the loaded belt. The one-size belt expands easily to fit any athletes’ pelvis of any athlete.

Steel resistance: the D-Rings are entirely welded and they allow hooking the chain by using a carabiner. The chain is also galvanized in order not to rust and keep its resistance over time.

Plates/weights for overload exercises are not included.

Size (Length x Width): 104×12 cm.
Material: Nylon Cordura 1000D and Neoprene
Max. Load: 100 Kg
Chain length: 76 cm
Chain thickness: 5.80 mm
Carabiner thickness: 9.6 mm (average measurement on 3 points)
Rings thickness: 6.90 mm (average measurement on 3 points)

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 24.5 × 9.5 cm


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