Drag Sled ( used)


50.00 KWD

  • Used from Battle
  • Set w/ Strap
  • Xenios USA Just Drag Sled
    The Just Drag Sled is the simple and durable sled to start your speed and agility workouts.

    Those who train with the sled need the most functional equipment to their workouts. The sled must bear the stress of the most dynamic workouts.

    The Just Drag Sled is made to be pulled/towed through the use of the Natural Fiber Sled Drag Rope or the belt.

    Simple and effective.
    The advantages of this sled come from its ease of use and training effectiveness. The Just Drag Sled must be equipped with nylon skates, sold separately, to reduce friction on rubber or concrete surfaces. Bolts fix the skies.

    Resistant and functional.
    The Just Drag Sled is a 60×40 cm steel platform equipped with a tube to stack the plates and load the sled. The sled design includes a frame made with a “C” section to increase its resistance further. The steel tube is foldable to ease storage.


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