EVO Polyester Battle Rope


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When it comes to your training needs, never be satisfied. Improve the quality of your workouts with the Battle Rope. Complete your crosstraining and functional training equipment with the Xenios USA EVO Polyester Battle Rope.

Crosstraining has further increased the popularity of the training rope in boxes and gyms. In fact, many coaches worldwide have adopted this workout with athletes from different sports backgrounds and levels. Beginners can approach to the battle rope to gradually increasing the rhythm of their workouts. Advanced-level athletes can test themselves with much more complex and challenging training, thanks to changes in rhythm and direction of the rope.

The 12-meter Xenios USA EVO Polyester Battle Rope boasts a twisted yarn core and a balanced S/Z double twisted sock, made of H.T. (high-tenacity) Polyester. This construction choice provides unmatched flexibility compared to all other battle rope! More flexibility means more fluidity and more quality of your workout with the rope.

In addition, the 2 heat-shrink handles provide great grip comfort on the 38 mm (1.5″) rope diameter.

Grab your battle rope and push the limits of your arms and shoulders with up-down movements with some sessions of waves, alternating waves, jumping jack, power slam… And many challenging variants for all your body muscles.


Construction: Balanced S/Z double twisted sock. Twisted yarn core.
The 2 handles are made of heat-shrink material.
Composition: H.T. (high-tenacity) Polyester.
Color: black
Diameter: 38mm
Length: 12mt
Weight gr/mt: 850

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm


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