Fitness Dumbbell Rack or Rack w/ Dumbbells Set


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– Neoprene Fitness Dumbbells: the neoprene is the perfect material for dumbbells due to its protective and non-slip features. The neoprene dumbbells are more durable than the classic vinyl dumbbells, thanks to the higher resistance to impact and rubbing. Furthermore, the neoprene’s anti-skid feature provides a better grip on the dumbbell in case of moisture and sweat.

– Anti-rolling design: Xenios USA Fitness Dumbbells have a “star” shape, which prevents the dumbbell from rolling on the gym floor or wherever you’re training. This feature allows the execution of static exercises on the floor!

– Different colors: when the execution speed is important to your fitness workout, you can rely on the different dumbbell colors. Each weight has its own color. From 1 to 10Kg, grab the right dumbbell and keep following your training program.

Xenios USA Fitness Dumbbells Rack features
The equipment and gear design always make the difference!

• With or without wheels: Choose the fixed position for your rack or leave it free to move. Both solutions are efficient for the fitness training rooms! Wheels are an optional feature of your dumbbells rack.

• High-quality materials: each section of the Xenios USA equipment is made of thick steel. The galvanized hardware components ensure maximum strength and durability.

Xenios USA fitness equipment
Every fitness tool or accessory needs to find its place in your training environment. Storages like racks are designed to improve your everyday gym life.

Fitness Dumbbell Rack Only w/o wheels
Capacity Storage : 120 units of Fitness Dumbbells 

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 111 × 81 × 16 cm

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