Fitness Loop Band – 76 cm. x 8 cm.


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Characteristics of the Fitness Loop Bands 2.0


Maximum attention to details for bodyweight workouts or with weights at the maximum level. The Xenios USA bands guarantee professional workouts for a total body workout.


Materials: The innovative fabric of the Fitness Loop Bands prevents the typical and annoying friction that normally occurs between the skin and/or fitness clothing against the fabric that usually happens with classic bands made of plastic.

100% comfort guaranteed, to help you concentrate solely on your workout and give you the best results.


The new composition with internal, silicone inserts guarantee maximum grip in order to prevent slipping while performing exercises with the bands.


Every color corresponds to a resistance level:


–         Fitness Loop Band Light grey: Light – Maximum resistance 27kg

–         Fitness Loop Band Grey: Medium – Maximum resistance 41kg

–         Fitness Loop Band Black: Heavy – Maximum resistance 68kg


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