Fitness Mat in PVC – Foldable (Short)


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The foldable Fitness Mat is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to workout in total freedom. Fold the mat and take it with you, wherever you go: you can easily store it in your gym bag or in your luggage when you’re traveling. Its size is extremely compact, once folded: only 35x60x0,8 cm.

Functional aesthetics.
The Xenios USA Fitness Mat has a non-slip texture to provide stability during the exercises’ performance and do not lose the grip on its surface. Each mat is equipped with the Xenios USA logo. Elegance and functionality.

Xenios USA Fitness Mat features

• Material: PVC with sanitized BTEX (grip texture) coating on the user side
• “with rings” model size: 140x60x0,8 cm
• Distance between rings: 48,5 cm
• “Foldable” model size (open): 160x60x0,8 cm
• Foldable” model size (folded): 35x60x0,8 cm
• Color: grey
• Certification: 7P Free PVC


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