Fitness Mat w/ Rings***


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Lightweight and practical, you can use the Fitness Mat to perform your bodyweight exercises comfortably. Sit-up, burpees, push-up, stretching. Choose your training zone in total freedom! The Xenios USA Fitness Mat’s comfort is unique at the park, at the box, or the beach.

• Material: PVC with sanitized BTEX (grip texture) coating on the user side
 model size: 140x60x0,8 cm
• Distance between rings: 50 cm
• Color: grigio
• Certification: 7P Free PVC

Safe and certified.
The Xenios USA Fitness Mat is made of PVC Sanitized “BTEX”, with antibacterial properties; it is a fireproof, antiallergic, waterproof and easy to clean material, as well as UVA rays resistant. This last feature makes it perfect for outdoor workouts. In addition, it is a “7P free” certified material, so it free from all the possible harmful substances of the normal PVC. Certified and guaranteed safety.

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 0.95 cm


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