FITNESS RANGE – Balance ankle weights


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FITNESS RANGE –Ankle Weights

Xenios USA has added a new product to its fitness range: the ankle weights. Use the ankle weights in your next bodyweight fitness workout, at home or the gym.

Characteristics of the Ankle Weights

Even bodyweight workouts need the right equipment to be even more efficacious in increasing your fitness level.

Xenios USA has listened to its clients, creating a high quality product that distinguishes the brand. You can make your workouts even more interesting by adding weights to your exercises.

Particularly resistant, with a strong Velcro closure and a great fit, the Ankle Weights from Xenios USA make you feel like you have a weighted sock on that adheres perfectly to your ankle.

Adjustable and robust

The Ankle Weights from Xenios USA are one size fits all: they’re adjustable thanks to its practical Velcro closure and they adapt perfectly to every body shape.

They’re easily washable with a double layer of fabric, making them one of the most robust ankle weights on the market and completely Made in Italy.

The ankle weights are sold as a pair and you can choose between two weight options:

–          kg 1,5 each one (XSBLANK01.5)

–          kg 2,0 each one (XSBLANK02.0)

Combine the use of our Ankle Weights with other products from our Fitness Range like the Slider, slow deflation Gym Ball, and the Proprioceptive Pillow.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 4 cm



Black, elastic fabric.
Coupled with a mesh reinforcement.
Sewn with Serabond thread (used in nautical field, Made in Germany).
Resistant to salt and UV rays.

The Ankle Weight at the end of its packaging is edged with 2cm tape to make it even more robust.


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