Fitness Range – Balance Cushion 35 cm. Diameter


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Xenios USA Balance Cushion – 35 cm

The versatile and effective accessory to improve mobility, coordination and balance.

For any training level.
The Xenios USA Balance Cushion – 35 cm can be an excellent ally for your athletic preparation or for rehabilitation. Agonist or fitness enthusiast, you can take advantage of the versatility of the pillow to promote muscle tone, gradually increase the complexity of the exercises, strengthening the muscles of the leg, prevent injuries or rehab.

Light and resistant.
Take it wherever you want and train in your favorite training zone, safely. At home or in the gym, the Balance Cushion – 35 cm can support all the weight of your body for your postural or functional gymnastics sessions.

Xenios USA Balance Cushion – 35 cm features

• Diameter: 40 cm
• Weight: 8 Kg

Medical device

Training with the Xenios USA Balance Cushion – 35 cm

You have definitely already used this training accessory.
From athletics to the gym, thousands of athletes use the proprioceptive cushion to strengthen the muscles of the ankles and increase proprioception, balance and reactivity. It can also be used in explosive exercises such as jumps.
Feet, ankles and knees are the focus of exercises with this pillow.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 3 cm


40 cm


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