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The Xenios USA Sliders are hexagonal discs that slide to transform your floor into your most useful training tool.

A simple, economic, and light-weight solution to train anywhere.

The Xenios Sliders are produced in Italy with highly resistant materials, a thick inner core and elastic straps that make this tool adhere perfectly to your hands even during the most complex exercises.

Slider Characteristics

Sliding is one of the most basic movement skills and as a result deserves its proper place in a workout that you could define as completely functional.

Push-ups, lunges, and other toning exercises become quite challenging and efficient if you add a sliding component to them. Sliding is also extremely useful to reinforce muscles of the core, helping the body to maintain proper posture.

We recommend using the Sliders on smooth surfaces: laminate, wood, stoneware, carpet.

Important: the Sliders cannot be used on flooring composed of recycled rubber.

Sold as pair

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 3 cm

Sewn with Serabond thread (Made in Germany)
Thread used in nautical field.
UV ray and salt resistant.
The upper part is eco-leather produced for car interiors. Interior is high-density polyurethane foam (75/kg Pascal) + cardboard insert.
Slider edged with 2 cm tape.


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