Foldable GHD Bench


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Dimensions of closed product

Height: 127,1 cm (from the lowest point of the cushion to the highest part of the foot support platform)
Width: 69,6 cm
Length: 61,9 cm

Dimensions of open product

Height: 111,1 cm (from the base of the structure in steel to the highest point of the foot support platform)
Width: 69,6 cm
Length: minimum 116,8 cm – maximum 137 cm

Attention to every detail.

In Xenios USA we strongly care that the choice of materials used for our equipment is of quality, keeping in mind the functionality of the tool and taking into consideration the continuous feedback that we receive from those who use our equipment everyday, so we can improve constantly.

Our foldable GHD presents a structural base composed of tubes of steel coated with epoxy powder that’s particularly resistant to wear and tear, that’s in line with the unmistakable style and elegance of our Rigs.

The pistons located on the inferior part of the GHD are fundamental to make it safe and to be able to open and fold it comfortably and without force, making both the opening and its closing particularly fluid.

The cushions, both the ones of the seat and the ones of the ankle anchoring rolls, are composed of different types of foam, based on the specific use that the different parts of the product cover.

The seat cushions are made of two different types of foam, the internal part of the seat is in an expanded polyurethane foam of 230 kg/m density, while the part that’s closer to the athlete and in contact with the outside coating in PVC of the cushion is in high density memory foam (300 kg/m3). The density is higher to avoid that the cushion, and consequently, the coating in PVC start to deform with time and after prolonged use.

The cushion present on the rolls, for the same reason, is made of high-density foam.

Practical and adapts to every type of athlete.

Although the Foldable GHD has reduced dimensions, its use is possible for athletes of any level.

The presence of pistons on the inferior part of the workout tool and the added security given by the locking pins present on various parts of the structure, make the Foldable GHD particularly stable and firm during use.

adjustable ankle anchoring rolls – the use of this tool is possible for athletes ranging in height from 150 to 190 cm.

 pin safety system that’s present on the workout tool: the pins are always in a pair.

foldable pedal on the base of the GHD that facilitates mounting the workout tool.


Working out with the Foldable GHD

Its compactness doesn’t impact the possibility of performing all movements that you can do with the classic GHD: GHD sit-up, back and hip extension. You can reinforce your core (together with our abdominal muscles, fundamental to give strength and stability to the rest of the body) and your kinetic posterior chain. You can stabilize your body and work from core to extremity in a functional and efficient manner, in complete safety.

Minimum height from the floor that it can be mounted

28 cm from the floor (including any flooring) to the base of the structure mounted to the wall or to a rig

Consider at least 5cm of light between the floor and the beginning of the cushion.


UNI EN ISO 20957
Classe S – Professional use

User Maximum Weight: 150 kg

Maximum breaking load tested: 450 kg

Specifics of the materials

Different types of tubes: 80x80x4 / 60x60x3,5 (mm) coated with epoxy powder (black like the rig color).
Support frame: painted folded sheet metal like the rig

Double piston: 600 Newton/meters each

Anti-slip small platform in “almond texture” steel

Foot support platform: almond texture, steel thickness 3 mm

Cushion characteristics

Base: wood panel 1 cm thick
Internal: expanded foam in polyurethane 230 kg/m3 density
External border: 1 cm of high density memory foam 300 kg/m3
Rolls: high density foam 300 kg/m3

Characteristics of the steel pin

Double safety system for the mobile parts

Two types of pins:

A pin that’s both a spring and screw for selection and tightening.
One that’s only a screw for tightening, for extra safety.

Distance between the center of the rolls and the center of the seat cushions

Minimum distance: 50 cm
Maximum distance: 70 cm

Created for individuals between 150 to 190 cm height

Maximum and minimum distance between the rolls

Minimum distance: 6,5 cm
Maximum distance: 11,5 cm


Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 120 × 76 × 39 cm


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