Heavy Duty Paralletes (14″ – 35 cm)


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Just like any Xenios USA crosstraining and functional training equipment, these parallettes are designed according to the highest quality standard in terms of safety, stability and resistance for any athlete. Professionals or entry-levels can test themselves with the execution of the best exercise for strengthening your core, coordination, balance, and proprioception of the upper body.

Width – 30 cm
Length – 60 cm
Height – 37 cm
Weight – 6.5 Kg
Handle diameter – 38 mm
Material – Powder coated thick steel
Color – Matte black

Where can mini parallel bars be used?
Everywhere! Xenios USA parallettes’ versatility and practicality allow us to use them at the gym, in your training Box, or at home. Reach the perfection for your dip, push-up, plank, handstand push up… Gradually, you can increase the exercises’ difficulty by using the parallettes to complete your calisthenics training and always execute more complex bodyweight exercises.

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 68 × 53 × 40 cm