Landing Pad -Pair – 2.5′ x 2′ x 6″ (75 x 60 x 15 cm.) – density 250 Kg./m3


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Xenios USA Landing Pad
Each drop is a hard blow to the floor of your training zone! Thanks to the worldwide experience in Box and garage gyms, the Xenios USA research and development department has designed the perfect accessory to cushion the most violent drops and protect your training area.

The Xenios USA Landing Pads are mattresses that reduce (almost totally) the noise and vibrations of the bar’s drop.

The Landing Pads’ heart is made with a high-density foam (250 Kg/m3) and coated with high-thickness PVC. Thanks to its “heavy duty” proprieties, the PVC coating has been chosen to last over time and bear the most violent drops.
The production material is Sanitized “BTEX” (the same as the crash mats), which has antibacterial properties.

The external design takes into account the practicality and the ease of transport. The handles on the sides of the mattresses are used for this purpose. Each athlete or training zone owner can place the pads anywhere they want.

From the tests, the 15 cm thick Landing Pads are able to reduce up to 65% noise and vibrations on the drops.

Material: polyurethanic foam, high-thickness PVC coating, Sanitized “BTEX”
Sizes :75 x 60 x 15 cm.
Weight: 31 kg
Density: 250 Kg./ m3
Color: black

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 75 × 60 × 15 cm