Loaded Dumbbell w/ Fractional Plate SET


185.00 KWD195.00 KWD

Plate Loaded Dumbbells appear as small barbells that perform like dumbbells. These tools boast the accuracy and effectiveness of the weightlifting bars’ construction process. The sleeves are not locked as they have the same spinning system as the Xenios USA bars.
These dumbbells are composed of handles and sleeves that allow you to set the perfect weight for your training. The Dumbbells’ length (long or short) determines weight capacity. A collar (or simply a spring) stops the plates used with the Plate Loaded Dumbbell.

The handle has the length of a classic dumbbell (it has the same diameter of the weightlifting barbells: 28mm), following the Xenios USA knurling design, QPQ process and the chrome plating of the sleeves.

• Material: Elastic hardened steel handle and hardened steel sleeve
• Material resistance: at least 190.000 PSI and 50Kg maximum load





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