MAGNUM SERIES – Heavy Duty Squat Stand


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Standing 180 cm high with a 120×130 cm footprint, Xenios USA’s® Magnum Squat Stand is an all-in-one, versatile and durable addition that will allow you to vary and personalise your workout. Made with 3 mm gauge Powder coated steel, this incredible tool is built for multi-use purpose and is compatible with a wide range of add-ons and accessories. In fact, by simply adding or removing parts you can have a solid Squat stand, a Yoke, Muscle–ups bar and Pull–ups bar for your workout, all within a single workstation.

Tested with 450 kg max load, the Magnum Squat Stand comes with two bar J-Rack included, while all parts can be found in Xenios USA’s® XRig parts and options section.
Max user weight for pull-up and muscle-up is 180 Kg and Pull Ups Bar station can also be found in Xenios USA’s® XRig parts and options section and Plates supports are also available.


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