Olympic Lifting Strap – Genuine Leather


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Using these straps is very intuitive and simple. Those who practice weightlifting daily know how they work. Let your hand pass inside the strap (which comes with its oval “drop shape”) to put it on your wrist and have a grip on the bar. The straps are thus placed between the palm of the hand and the bar, wrapping it. That’s why they are designed to guarantee the maximum grip on the bar. These straps are great support while training with a heavy workload.

The leather treatment – designed for sports – prevent the absorption of sweat and moisture in order to keep the leather soft over time. The real leather’s properties must last! Do not trust the synthetic straps.

Gear Specs
Thickness: 22 mm
Length: 32.5 cm
Width: 3 cm
Weight: 150 gr

Material: authentic Made in Italy leather, not hard bounded.

Special treatment: a water-repellent treatment (designed for sports) is applied to the leather. It prevents the gymnastic grip from absorbing sweat, avoiding hardening and loss of resistance.

Olympic Lifting Strap are sold a a pair


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