Power Fitness Sand Bags ***


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Training with Xenios USA Power Fitness Sandbags 2.0

Any muscle can be involved during the training sessions with the Power Fitness Sandbags 2.0. Working out with these tools will make you strengthen the core, develop strength and conditioning. Increase the rhythm of your squat repetitions, improve your exercises’ technique in overhead, and build your strength with total body workouts with the sandbags. The new sand bags’ resistance allows performing deadlift or farmer walk with the perfect workload. Make sure you choose the weight for your workouts and let the new Power Fitness Sandbags 2.0 design supports you towards new fitness goals and performance.

Xenios USA Power Fitness Sandbags 2.0 features


• Material: textured high-quality PVC coating and high-density polyurethane 250kg/mq foam.
Color: black with colored finish, indicating the weights

The weights range from 5 Kg up to 30 Kg.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 56 × 23 × 23 cm

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