Powerlifting Calibrated CNC Steel Plates – Pair


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Powerlifting Calibrated CNC Steel Plates

The Powerlifting Calibrated CNC Steel Plates are must-haves for expert athletes and what beginners aspire to use. Calibrated within 10 grams of tolerance and built with maximum precision to be long-lasting, these steel plates created with a specific steel processing technology called CNC that renders the plate extremely precise in its weight and dimension and makes it particularly resistant.

Characteristics of the Powerlifting Calibrated CNC Steel Plates

The Powerlifting Calibrated CNC Steel Plates have an internal diameter that’s smaller compared to classic rubber or polyurethane plates, that allows them to grip the barbell better, offering greater stability during use.

Their thickness and dimensions allow you to take full advantage of the length of the barbell sleeves. The weight of the plates is distinguished by its range of colors. The coloring gives the plates a uniform and regular finish and the non-embossed logo renders the plate less subject to signs of aging.

Complete with calibration caps to ensure maximum accuracy, these are the plates (that conform to IPF standards) that any expert athlete should have.

*The thickness specification is purely indicative and may vary according to the production lot. Any minor variation that could happen within the tolerance will still fall within the IPF Standards and Rules.

Central Hole Diameter: 50.4 mm (IPF standards)
Tolerance: ± 10 gr (of the declared weight)


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0.25 Kg: 6.2 mm, 0.5 Kg: 8.2 mm, 1.25 Kg: 9.7 mm, 5 Kg: 17.5 mm, 10 Kg: 17.5 mm, 15 Kg: 17.5 mm, 20 Kg: 18.3 mm, 25 Kg: 22 mm

Diameter (Outside)

0.25 Kg (112 mm), 0.5 Kg (134 mm), 1.25 Kg (160 mm), 5 Kg (230 mm), 10 Kg (325 mm), 15 Kg (400 mm), 20 Kg (450 mm), 25 Kg (450 mm)


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