Safe Training Soft Ployemtric Box - 90 x 75 cm. x 12" height (31 cm.)


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Train your explosiveness in total safety! The Xenios USA Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable is the perfect equipment for the most challenging plyometric training sessions.
The Xenios USA research and development department has designed this further evolutionary step in the world of plyo boxes, finding an aesthetic and functional solution geared towards users’ safety and the box’s resistance over time.

The main feature of the Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable allows you to use 4 blocks to vary the landing platform’s height, thanks to the “stackable” design. Each block (15, 31, 51 and 61 cm high) can be used individually or in combination with others to perform jumps, jumps, thrusts, squat jumps or lunges.

In addition to the stackable design, the interior and lining materials of this soft plyo box avoid that beginners (and professionals) accidentally injure their leg – contrary to what often happens with normal wood plyo boxes – providing them a plyo box that keeps its original features even after several training sessions.
The ultra-high density 250kg/m2 polyurethane foam (PVC coated) eliminates the “memory” effect of the soft plyometric boxes on the market, thus increasing its resistance and durability.

The Xenios USA Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable improves stability (and therefore safety) due to a 75×90 cm landing pad – wider than the classic plyometric boxes. The high-intensity internal foam further increases the stability giving more weight to the structures. These features prevent accidental box overturning.

To guarantee additional safety for the user, the plyometric box’s upper surface is equipped with a textured PVC layer to increase the grip during the landing phase. The textured PVC layer can also prevent the slipping caused by moisture and sweat.

The handles with Velcro® strap of the Xenios USA Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable aim to increase the training comfort: they ease the transport operations and the stackable components are stable on each other due to the handles straps.

These boxes boast the hidden and reinforced YKK® zip, the number one Japanese zip brand in the world. These reinforced zippers have a high degree of resistance and ease the maintenance of the blocks.

Aesthetically, each block of the Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable has its own color to better identify the heights available and adapt to each training zone’s design, from gyms to fitness boutiques, and of course to your box.

Xenios USA Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable features

Foam 250 mq Material: PU Foam (250 Kg/m3)+ PVC Coating Color: Carbon fiber-like texture coating

A Length 90 cm – Width 75 cm – Height 15 cm Weight: 8 Kg Sku: XSPMBX07A

B Length 90 cm – Width 75 cm – Height 31 cm Weight: 16 Kg Sku: XSPMBX07B

C Length 90 cm – Width 75 cm – Height 51 cm Weight: 20 Kg Sku: XSPMBX07C

D Length 90 cm – Width 75 cm – Height 61 cm Weight: 24 Kg Sku: XSPMBX07D

Training with the Xenios USA Safe Training Plyometric Box 2.0 – Stackable

Design your next workout with the soft plyometric box, very popular equipment for those who love fitness workouts for buttocks and lower bodies or for those who want to do build strength safely. In your next series of box jump you won’t have to worry about tibia injuries when fatigue comes.

Soft plyometric boxes are also perfect for kids workouts! All skill levels, from beginners to “pros” can benefit from the quality and safety of the best USA Xenios materials.

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