Safe Training Soft Plyometric Box – 3×1 – 51x61x76 cm. (20″x24″x30″)


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The main advantage of all the “soft” plyometric boxes is the prevention of shins injuries. The soft plyometric box allows you to jump on its surface safely.

Unleash your strength and explosiveness safely! Xenios USA Training Soft Plyometric Box is the natural evolution of the classic plyometric box due to its design, which is geared towards the maximum level of comfort, efficacy, and safety. Every athlete should always focus on exercise execution and training intensity.


3 in 1 height: set the height of your Xenios USA Training Soft Plyometric Box for your plyometric training. The plyometric box design makes its height adjustable depending no the side laying on the floor. The printed markers indicate the ploy box heights (51cm, 61cm e 76cm).

Safe and resistant material: Xenios USA Training Soft Plyo Box is made of high-density recycled polyurethane foam of 250Kg/sqm, with PVC covering. The high-density polyurethane foam eliminates the “memory” effect of the classic plyometric boxes, increasing the boxes’ resistance during the toughest training and their duration.

Stability: the high density of the polyurethane foam increases the weight (28Kg) and the stability of the boxe preventing accidental overturning and enhancing the athletes’ safety

Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 79 × 63 × 54 cm


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