SHORT AXLE BAR _60″ Black Coated Steel – (152cm.) -49mm. _7.8 Kg.


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An essential tool for anyone who wants to practice Strongman, the Axle Bar has a total length of 152 and 210 cm and a weight of 9 and 12 kg.
Compared to the olympic bar, which normally has a diameter of 28 or 25 mm, this special bar has a diameter of 50 mm, a characteristic not to be underestimated if your goal is to increase the grip strength. It is also made of powder-coated steel, a material that offers good oxidation resistance as well as a stable grip.
Among Strongman tools, the Axle Bar is one that should not be missing in your box, because it allows athletes to elevate the degree of difficulty of the training and at the same time offer effective help to those approaching this discipline.
The maximum load (traction tests have shown this) is 300 kg, yet another characteristic that demonstrates the validity of this barbell in the training of strength.

Tolerance: ± 2% (of the declared weight).

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 155 × 8 × 9 cm


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