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Characteristics of the Slim Rack

You won’t find anywhere else another training station with half the characteristics of the Slim Rack branded Xenios USA. Quality material, exceptional workmanship, and impeccable finishing with attention to detail. The Slim Rack isn’t just a piece of equipment, but a true element of design.

Thanks to the accessories included, you can have a multi-use structure that’s high quality and supports your workouts.

Choose the Xenios USA Slim Rack.

Compact and space saving.

With a total length of 116 cm and only 20 cm from the wall, the result is a comfortable rack that’s compact and practical. Usable in places where space is truly limited.

Don’t let the idea of not having enough space stop you from training.

The Xenios USA Slim Rack will let you take advantage of the space you have to set up your home gym: in your garage, terrace, or even in your living room. It will render your training zone unique and undeniably yours, you’ll never want to hide it – in fact, quite the opposite – you won’t be able to wait to show it off.


Thanks to the accessories included, you can use your Slim Rack for any type of workout, for your strength sessions or gymnastics.

By using the Bar J-Racks, you can comfortably mount your barbell for squats or jerks, or you can add a bench and do exercises such as the bench press.

At the same time, thanks to its additional arm, you can mount the Pull-Up bar at a safe difference from the wall so that you can do all gymnastics exercises: from pull-ups to toes to bar, to bar muscle-ups.

Solidity and stability are the keys to a trustworthy and long-lasting product.

At the end of training you won’t have to do anything more than put away your equipment in order to keep you training zone organized: add to your Slim Rack our accessory called Bar Cup, this will allow you to store your barbell vertically, in line with the uprights of the structure. This allows you to save space and you’ll never have a messy training zone.

Black goes with everything.

The finish of the Slim Rack is the result of the unmistakable workmanship branded Xenios USA. This type of coating, defined as a “black powder” (or epoxy) is obtained by adding to the classic formula a percentage of resin that renders the coating more resistant to scratches and abrasions, protecting the material from long-term damage.

The result is an opaque finish, with a pleasant texture to the touch that guarantees a safe and firm grip that you need for your most intense workouts.

The trademark Xenios USA provides an elegant and unmistakable style: black goes with everything.

Weight 63.6 kg
What in Box

* Bar J-Rack (2 pieces in the box – VSAXFIT08)
* Offset Pull-Up Station for Slim Rack (VSAXFIT136)
* Crossmember and Pull-up Bar 104 cm (VSAXFIT108)
* Mounting hardware included.


The dimensions of the uprights are the same as our X-Rig™ – The Essentials line.
The uprights have a section of 6×6 cm and a width of 3,5 mm.

Height : 216 cm
Total Width : 116 cm
Width Pull-Up Bar: 104 cm
Distance from the wall: 20 cm
Distance from the wall of the Offset Pull-Up Bar: 100 cm
Height with the Offset Pull-Up Arm: 230 cm
Max Load : 150-450kg


Not applicable with Outdoor use


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