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Xenios USA Nano Timer features

• Dimensions: 155x47x22 mm
• Material: High-resistance silicone case and acrylic lens glass with smoky anti-refraction finish
• Display LED with 6 digits (1″ inch)
• Integrated lithium battery 800mah, it lasts up to 10 hours
• power supply and charge via USB C cable (included in the box)• electric input support from 110 to 240 V
• Integrated set-up buttons
• Integrated magnet

The Nano Timer is featured with Liquid Crystal Display LED with 1 inch red and green digits, ensuring perfect visibility up to 10 meters. The acrylic lens front glass prevents light refraction due to its smoky finish. In addition, the screen brightness is adjustable in 4 different gradations to adapt to the light conditions of the training environment.

Its base, smooth and solid, provide maximum stability to the timer; place it on the ground or on a table with no worries. It has a high resistance silicon case.

Take advantage of pre-set programs, such as TABATA training or Fight Gone Bad.
You can also program the timer according to your workout (Workout Time – Rest Time – Number of rounds).
The configuration is simple and intuitive due to the integrated buttons on the top of the case. You need a few seconds to set your WOD.
The Nano Timer also works as a watch and stopwatch (Countdown and Count-Up); the integrated buzzer will set your workouts’ pace.

Check the quick start guide to set -up your Nano Timer.

Attention: the power supply (AC charging adapter) is not included in the box.

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 4 cm


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