The Power Sled w/ Uhmw Nylon Skies


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Rock-solid as a Strongman.
The 8.8 bolts and its structure’s steel resistance make it one of the most solid sleds ever. This sled requires the highest degree of resistance because it can be loaded with all its three poles.

Geared towards “heavy” performances.
Due to the weight, the sled design allows the athletes to push it with all their strength, lowering their center of gravity. That’s why the thrust handles are placed in a lower position than normal.

The Prowler Sled is equipped with three small skies to reduce the friction surface and ease the push performance, which is already tough enough. The UHMW Nylon skies design has been thought to avoid any hitch, even on irregular training surfaces.

Xenios USA The Prowler Sled features

• Length: 85 cm
• Width: 84,2 cm
• Weight: 40 Kg
• Color: Nero
• Central pole diameter: 48 mm
• Central pole height: 40 cm
• Handles diameter: 48 mm
• Handles height: 98 cm
• Material: Epoxy powder-coated steel

Nylon pulling straps and carabiners included


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