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Our newest Xenios USA® Weightlifting Eco-Platform is a combination our finest weightlifting equipment. The 300×200 cm size and the unique design developed by our talented team at Xenios USA® utilizes a Weightlifting Bamboo Workout Platform encased within a sturdy and durable steel frame.

We are aware of the importance of a realistic budget to our customers and work hard to supply top-notch constructed equipment that is within your price point, while never sacrificing on superior construction. It is a part of our company philosophy to be ahead of the design curve and we aim to give our athletes superior weightlifting equipment to support you as you compete and achieve your goals. Our innovative design team at Xenios USA® welcomes this challenge and they are constantly working to give you the workout apparatus that you ask for, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Made with advanced XFloor Evo Weight Drop Rubber Tile to provide unbeatable shock-absorption that prevents damage to your lifting apparatus while reducing sound levels when the heaviest barbell is released during Olympic lifting competitions. Extreme focus is needed at this important time of competing and the last thing you need is distracting noise levels.  The platform is guaranteed to stay put and grounded due to the durable steel frame constructed in our factory.

This platform is available in Bamboo & Rubber or Full Rubber central stripe depending on your personal needs. Shock absorbing surface to endure and reduce unwanted noise and tremors. Available in Full Rubber central stripe with white trademark or Rubber and  Bamboo central stripe with the Xenios USA® true-blue trademark to keep you ahead of the design curve and make you stand out from the crowd as you compete.

Xenios USA® provides long-lasting and design-driven competition equipment so you can focus on achieving your ultimate fitness goals.


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