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Xenios USA WOD Timer
The WOD Timer is one of the essential accessories for your training. For this reason, Xenios USA has left nothing to chance in the design of this indoor gym timer. Each training zone must be equipped with a timer to control athletes’ performance, whether it is a daily workout or preparation for competition.


The priority for any timer is offering the best possible view. The WOD Timer’s high-visibility LCD screen boasts 5″ (inches) digits. Quick tip: Each inch (“) provides 10 meters visibility. Potentially, the 5” (inches) of the WOD Timer can be read from 50 meters!It comes with two hardware sets for hanging or wall mounting The set includes:
• a steel hook to be screwed in the pre-assembled sliders placed in the appropriate track on the upper side of the Timer;
• a steel cable to hang the Timer on the ceiling.

Xenios USA owns the Timer software and it is designed for professional use. Any workout is performable thanks to the advanced functions of the timer.

On the contrary to the timers on the market (equipped with preset workouts), the software of the Xenios USA WOD Timer allows you to set and customize the training programs.

The timer allows you to program the macro-cycle (groups of round), the meso-cycle (single round) and the micro-cycle (training and rest within each round) of your training.

The timer can program up to 99 rounds and 10 micro-training routines by using the remote control. You can also set up a quick workout with countdown functions (in preparation for your workout and quick count-ups (useful for your AMRAP workouts).

WARNING: Do not use any other AC adapter than the one supplied with WOD Timer. Do not power the WOD Timer with a different voltage power than 110/220 V. The guarantee will be void in case of improper use of the WOD Timer.

The timer is CE ROHS and RAEE certified.

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