Wrist Strap 8 x 39 cm


22.00 KWD

The main advantage of wearing the Wrist straps is to give more stability to the wrist, avoiding incorrect or unwanted movements during the maximum effort of your exercises with bars. We recommend not to wear them all the time! Generally, you have to support wrists as you get closer to your max load, avoiding to weaken joints and compromise their mobility.

Among the Xenios USA Wrist straps, these ones give high support to wrists. They are equipped with an elastic ring for the thumb in order to keep the position of the straps firmly. The wrist straps’ nylon elastic can be wrapped around the wrist and fastened with a Velcro® strap.

The extremities are made of TPR material to give greater strength and resistance than the classic nylon strips.

Material: Elastic nylon and Velcro® straps

• Army green
• Blue




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