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CORE Trainer

Xenios USA Core Trainer Fulcrum

If you want to train with the Core Trainer using your rig, you need an essential accessory: the Core Trainer Fulcrum. The Core Trainer Fulcrum is the XRIG™ series accessory designed by Xenios USA that allows you to fix the Core Trainer to the Rig’s base. As its name says, it will become the fulcrum of your training with the Core Trainer.

The simple design of the Core Trainer Fulcrum consists of an open cylinder – which hosts the Core Trainer – and an “L” shaped bracket, that allows fixing the Core Trainer to the base of the rig through two bolts.

The Core Trainer Fulcrum is made of powder-coated steel in order to guarantee the maximum solidity and resistance to athletes of every size and level.

If you do not want to fix the Core Trainer to a rig, you can always set-up your Core Trainer with a bumper (the thicker and heavier, the more will provide stability on the ground). Your choice! Do not forget the Black Rower Bar for Core Trainer to perform pulley exercises by using your bar (such as the T Bar Row). Train your back muscles chain!

Core Trainer is not included, sold separately.

Sold in pair


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 8 cm

Powder Coated Steel



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